Basic Types of Hand Saws

We will look at some of the more typical types of hand saws that are readily available either through your local DIY or hardware store on online. Certainly hand saws now come in a wide range of sizes and configurations but the more general purpose saw available and the blade on this is normally 26″. However below we will not only be looking at what each type of hand saw is but how they are best used.

1.  Cross-Cut Saw

These saws are particularly designed for making cuts that are perpendicular to the grain of the wood and the teeth will be set in a wide alternating level.  The length of this kind of hand saw can range from 55 to 70″ and will have between 8 to 12 teeth in each inch of the blades length.  Mainly this type of saw is used for quick rough cutting such as when shortening the length of a piece of wood.

2.  Rip-Cut Saw

This type of hand saw is used for cutting along the grain of the wood and so they are sharpened to ensure that the top of the teeth on the blade do the cutting. You will find with this type of saw that the teeth are generally at right angles to the place and will have a pitch of between 85 and 90 degrees in relation to the blade itself.

Again the length of this saw ranges between 60 and 70″. It only has between 5.5 and 7 teeth to each inch of the blades length compared to the cross-cut saw. However, it is important that you use this saw with the grain as by cutting across the grain you will find the edge of the wood will become ragged.

3.  Panel Saw

This is much shorter in length that a regular cross-cut saw and so is easy to carry around with you. Mostly this type of hand saw is used for cutting thin wood and for cutting larger joints. Compared to the cross-cut saw the length of a panel saw ranges between 45 and 60″ but it has between 8 and 12 teeth in each inch of the blades length.

Above we have provided you with details of three of the basic types of hand saws that any good woodworking enthusiast will have in his or her workshop.

Black And Decker PHS550B Power HandSaw

The Black and Decker PHS550B power handsaw also ships with a useful storage bag. It is powered by a powerful 3.4 Amp – 4 600 SPM motor and is versatile and can cut wood, plastic and even metal. It’s easy to handle and manage and has a sleek lightweight design. The 6-foot cord provides enough reach to comfortably use around most yards. It is great for indoor and outdoor pruning tasks.

It comes standard with a large capacity blade as well as a metal cutting blade which makes it the ideal tool for a range of projects around the yard. It also allows for tool free blade changes. The nifty storage bag easily stores the saw as well as the spare blades and the cord. It is also backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

This is a highly versatile saw and once you have come to rely on it you will wonder how you coped before buying this saw. I even used it to cut through 10′ pieces of metal and the cut was so smooth and square that i was able to line up the sheets of metal square. Blade changes are super easy and you can change from metal to wood in an instance.

Only disadvantage i can think of is that the blades are quite pricey – but that’s a small price to pay for a saw that is so versatile. You will probably save money over the long run as you won’t need as many saws if you own the Black And Decker PHS550B.

Of all my current saws i am using this saw the most. Yard work is a chore as i use it to trim trees and cut wood. On of the few design flaws is that the plastic guide should ideally have been made of steel. This could potentially be a safety issue.

The Black and Decker PHS550B is a versatile all round saw and if you have a variety of tasks to do then i would recommend getting this power saw.

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