Getting To Grips With Power Sanders

Getting To Grips With Power Sanders

Many DIY jobs around the home require some for of sanding. Making use of a power sander will get the job done quicker and better. The range of power sanders is quite large. To get the best results you need to change the sandpaper or disc regular.

Another important issue is to choose a model with enough power for the job. Many DIY experts make use of a big sander for large jobs and a small one to get into those hard to reach places. Power sanders come in cordless and electric versions. You don’t need to place to much pressure on the sander when using it. You need to grip it firmly , but let the sander do the work. Thats why you purchased a power sander after all. Some models even have a warning light that lets you know when you are using too much pressure.

A belt sander makes use of a powered belt to perform its task. It requires very little effort on your part to operate the sander – you just need to guide it by holding the handles. When the job in hand requires some grinding – you need to use a disc sander. It uses either a disc or a stone – depending on the material you need to work on.

Orbit sanders come in a variety of sizes and operate with sandpaper. It is important to note the grade of the sand paper , the grade measures the granules per square inch on the sand paper. The higher the grade the smoother the sand paper and vice versa. You should always start any job with a coarse grade sand paper.

As you progress you will then change to a smoother grade sand paper. You need to ensure that you are using the right grade sand paper for the job at hand. You should always have a variety of grades available.

A finish sander as the name implies is used primarily for finishing off. When working with tight spots you will benefit by using a detail sander. It has a triangular-shaped tip making it easy to get into those hard to reach places.

One of the by-products of sanding is the productions of very fine wood dust. You need to wear the right protection, a mask to protect the mouth and nose and goggles for eye protection. This is especially important if you are exposed to the sawdust on a regular basis. Some models of sanders come with a dust bag.

Another method of protection is to wear long sleeve shirts. Some of the items you are sanding may contain, chemicals or even lead. These harmful materials can easily get absorbed via your skin. You should always make sure that the work area is properly ventilated and that there are no electrical cords or other dangerous objects in the way.

If you are painting – you should clean-up all the dust before starting the paint job.

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