The Latest Trend in Women’s Shoes

Latest Trend in Women’s Shoes

Shoes make a big difference and can give a polished look to entire personality. Choosing a right pair of the shoe makes a big difference with the appearance, one wishes to adopt for the specific evening.  Women shoes are meant to be stunning, impressive and stylish. These shoes have to compliment with their formal dresses and personality.

Fashion is now becoming a basic need of society. In the past, fashion was not as much common as it is now a day. Fashion is not restricted to clothes only. It is making its place in every field. For a business, fashion is something to ear elegant shoes, proper dress, and jewelry. Nowadays, there is a variety of fashion styles in shoes, especially for ladies, there is exists a lot of variety and trends. For home wearing, mostly open shoes are preferred by females but for formal wearing, sandals, heels are more common.

Sandals and Sneakers

Now a day, ladies of East Asian countries prefer to wear long heels for wedding functions. College students prefer to wear sandals in summer and pumps or sneakers in winter. Fashion trends are changed the time to time and season. Fashion trends of shoes are different for different aged. Women, especially, young ladies prefer to wear shoes with delicate straps and stones on it, while aged ladies like to wear simple flat open shoes. There is an increasing trend of wearing heavy sole in old aged women because they find it easy to wear and comfortable for going to functions. Color trends in shoes also change with the season. Now in summer girls like to wear light colored shoes, especially, black and brown are preferred to wear.

Choosing women shoes are on the basis of type shoes for the walk. A businesswoman in the Asian country, prefer to wear short heel shoes as they have to walk for attending the meeting and they have to meet different entrepreneurs also, they should look decent. For a college student, flat sandals with no heel will give them comfort as they are suitable for their walk. For teachers, they also prefer to ear scandals with no stones on women shoes.

Black Women Shoes:

The fashion trend is continuously changing but in shoes, somewhat fashion trends remain same due to the season in Lahore. But it is true, that now females have more sense.  Most stylish and impressive color is black. Black shoes can go with every dress and are available in the variety of designs, textures, and styles. Stones also provide a charming and a very attractive look to feet and personality as well.

Right women shoes are required in order to remain in fashion and to look trendy. Those women with short height should preferably wear tapered, long heel along with pointed toe, as the narrow, pointed toe and long heel will make them look longer and stylish. If someone is already tall, the long heel can make their personality looks ugly so the best tip in selecting the right pair of women shoes is to select the shoes according to the height.

Summer Slippers:

For summers, opens shoes like slippers are best for casual wearing and for housewives. But for office going ladies, it is best to wear shoes with small heals as the small heel shoes will provide comfort and sophisticated look to the personality. For college students, sandals with stones and diamantes are best as they provide beauty to the personality. Sandals with a lot of straps on it can cause irritation so it is better to avoid the women shoes with too many straps on it.

Winter Women Shoes:

In winter, pumps, sneakers, and boots are a good choice. Shoes like black pumps offer a classic look to your personality, and they are trendy for all seasons, they should be available all the times when the sandals with straps are out of fashion. Black pumps with the short heel are best for going out for a dinner or for attending a meeting. Sneakers are perfect for going to stores and for the walk in a park.

For ladies, it is best to wear a pair of booties for long heels with jeans as it will add style and attraction to their personality. Pretty skimmers with jeans are also a good choice for ladies going shopping and watching a movie. Many women like the long, thin heels but actually the shorter heels are much more comfortable and manageable. Wedge heels are also the good choice.

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