Porter Cable 12V Cordless Drill

Porter Cable 12 V Drill

Everyone can use a Porter Cable cordless drill in their tool kit, the number of jobs requiring a drill are numerous. It’s always best to spend a bit more on a drill. That’s why the Porter Cable 12 V drill is such a great addition to my toolkit. Sure it cost a bit more than average, but I know that this drill will last and perform.

The 12V motor has more than enough power for most jobs around the home. It features a low and high gear. In my opinion this is a must have feature especially in a cordless drill. I like using the low gear for tasks that need a bit more torque like screws while the high gear is really suited for drilling.

It features a key-less chuck – it automatically tightens the bit as you start to tighten the chuck and holds the drill bit real tight. It also loosens just as easily – no more battling with a key whenever you want to change drill bits. The drill has a nice smooth action when operating at high speeds and it effortlessly drills holes into some of the harder materials. It also fits comfortably into my hand and has a nice light feel.

What impressed me most about the Porter Cable was the battery life. The battery lasted long enough for most tasks and recharged fairly quickly as well. Once the battery is charged the charger automatically switches off. This is a great feature as overcharging shortens your battery life.

Overall I enjoyed using the Porter Cable 12 V drill and would give it a strong recommendation for DIY use, its comfortable, easily handles most drilling chores and has a decent battery life. This drill is probably not suited to contractors who need a drill that operates everyday , however for the DIY enthusiast it is a great buy.

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