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Toro Lawn Mower Blades

Toro Lawn Mower Blades

Toro lawn mower blades are available as replacement parts from a variety of stores and dealers and are an essential part for the optimal performance of your Toro mower. Your lawn mower blades should be checked for sharpness before the beginning of each season.

Sharp blades means you get a better cut and better performance and effectiveness out of your mower. A better cut not only means that your lawn looks nicer, but it means that your lawn is healthier too. If your blades aren’t sharp they will either miss much of your grass shoots together or damage them.

Checking your lawn mower blades for sharpness should be a part of your yearly maintenance, if not performed more regularly than this. If your blades are looking blunt and damaged you should remove them first make sure you’ve disconnected the spark plug so that there’s no chance of your mower starting by accident.

If you’re the do-it-yourself kind, and you have the experience and an appropriate metal file and a vice you can sharpen the blades yourself, although many gardeners prefer to simply replace the blades once a year anyway and hence save the hassle of sharpening them.

If you’ve decided to replace your lawn mower blades you can do so easily and cheaply. The cost of replacing them is a small price to pay when compared to the cost of your mower and when you remember that blunt blades can damage your lawn too it’s well worth the investment.

As with most manufacturers, Toro will no doubt recommend that you only buy genuine Toro lawn mower blades for your mower, and whilst this isn’t always necessary you should carefully check the details of your warranty before replacing any parts which aren’t genuine Toro parts just in case you’re voiding your warranty by doing so.

If you prefer to go direct to Toro you can go through their website where they have a parts lookup service and also details of their authorized dealers.

Alternatively, a quick search on the internet will bring up websites who sell parts which are suitable for Toro mowers but which are manufactured by a different company. Usually, the parts are just as good and often they have been manufactured with a specific mower model, or models, in mind i.e. they’re not just general parts.

You may well find that by buying Toro lawn mower blades which have been manufactured by another company saves you a buck or two. This may not sound like much of a saving, but if you’re replacing your blades once every year, this buck or two will mount up over the life of your mower.

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