What Are The Most Popular Power Tools?

What Are The Most Popular Power Tools?

Any serious DIY enthusiast must own his own power tools. It also makes doing DIY chores around the home easier and saves you from hiring someone to do the job.

“Power tools are suited to a range of DIY chores around the home”

You may debate whether a power screwdriver is a must have, but after battling with a troublesome screw you will soon see the benefits. What may take several minutes of hard effort is accomplished in seconds with a power screwdriver. You will soon find that your power screwdriver is one of your most often used power tools. You won’t need any other screwdrivers in your tool-box as the come with interchangeable head and can switch from Phillips to a flat head.

Another essential power tool is the power drill. You will need a variety of drill bits to accomplish most DIY tasks. The size and type of drill bit will depend on the task at hand – wood or masonry drilling use different types of drill bits. You are able to buy individual drill bits as you need them however, you can save money by buying them in a package.

Power saws are another useful addition to your tool arsenal. You only need about four different power saws and you should be able to handle almost any home DIY project. A miter saw is a reasonably affordable tool and cuts edges and angles effortlessly. A jigsaw is used to effortlessly cut out circles and other shapes. Jigsaws are commonly used for cutting power outlets in paneling and also for cutting door holes. You can fit a variety of blades to your jigsaw and they are easy to replace.

Circular saws are useful for a range of DIY projects – however you should exercise some caution with a circular saw as injuries occur as a result of accidents with circular saws. You should only operate a circular saw when the safety guard is properly attached. With the right blades a circular saw can through any kind of material. It is good at cutting through thick materials. A circular saw will provide you with a straight smooth cut.

Table saws are expensive, but this is probably a once in a lifetime investment. It is a useful tool to own and will last forever. Table saws are capable of performing a range of cutting functions. It is useful when cutting heavy and large pieces of wood or any other material. It provides you with a straight cut.

If you are going to be doing any form of sanding then a power sander is a good investment, preferably a model that can sand with or against the grain. A range of DIY jobs require sanding – painting, woodwork or even vehicle restoration. A power sander will save you hours of hard sanding especially with larger DIY jobs. It also provides a much smoother finish than sanding by hand. You need to make sure that you are using the correct grade sandpaper.

Serious woodworking enthusiasts will benefit from using a router. It is great for any engraving or finish work on most woodworking projects. There is a variety of accessories available turning the router into a versatile tool that lets you be quite creative.

Your choice of power tools will largely depend on the type of projects that you are likely to undertake however, these are the power tools that most DIY enthusiasts shouldn’t do without. They will also allow you to tackle a wide range of projects around the home.

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