Woodworking Hand Tools and Their Uses

Many people today still enjoy making beautiful things using their hands and for many people the creation process is just as exciting as when they have completed and produced a finished object. Many of these people will be professionals who will not only make items because it is part of the job but it is because they love making them.

Whilst there are other people who are amateurs or just view woodworking as a hobby, but whatever they are all known as being traditional woodworkers. So just suppose you want to learn how to make beautiful things from wood and would like to use more traditional methods. Then you need to know about using traditional woodworking hand tools in order to be able to do this.

Today if you were to take a trip to your local library, bookstore or even carry out a search online there are plenty of great books and articles that cover the subject on how to use traditional hand tools for woodworking.  In this article, we provide some tips that will hopefully ensure that you will get you started on your way to making something beautiful from wood with your own hands.

One particularly good book that you would be well considering is called “Traditional Woodworking Hand Tools” which provides details of all the major hand tools that are used by cabinet makers, furniture makers, carpenters and other woodworking trades over the last few centuries. Such tools were often used by some of the most famous carpenters and furniture makers from around the world such as Hepplewhite, Chippendale, Sheraton and Federal to name a few.

Through this article you will learn how to set up and use each tool. It also explains the role of each woodworking hand tool in relation to the process of producing an object from wood. But as well as all of this usual information you will find that it contains historical information with regard to woodworking tools.

Woodworking hand tools and their uses name below :

1. Block Plane
2. Caliper
3. Clamp
4. Jig and Dado
5. Feather Board
6. Metal Detector
7. Saw Horse
8. Workbench
9. Bench Grinder
10. Circular Saw
11. Power Drill
12. Sabre Saw
13. Palm Sander
14. Random Orbital Sander
15. Table Saw
16. Rip Fence
17. Router
18. Band Saw
19. Drill Press
20. Surface Planer
21. Jointer
22. Sharpening Supplies
23. Pair of Dividers (Compass)
24. Safety Equipment

Woodworking Tool Deals

Everybody likes to get a deal. Especially when it is a deal on tools for your favorite hobbies. Woodworking! So, how can you find your source for discounted equipment? Lucky for you there are now several stores that offers woodworking tools at a discount.

Being able to get more for your money is what buying discounted woodworking tools is all about. In the past, if your money only got you one tool then now you will be able to purchase several tools for the same price. Businesses that sell tools lower then their competition is what we normally mean when we refer to a discount tool store. But now a days those are not the only places to find great prices. Online, mail order, garage sales, and flea markets are among the alternate places to find great deals.

Here are several places where you can go to get great prices on woodworking tools.

Online auctions ( Most bargain-priced tool dealers that have a presence on the Internet will sell through eBay.  Many of them specifically set up online stores just to get customers to their business and because of that they draw your attention by providing a significant discount on their listed items.

In addition, theses stores also uses ebay’s “Buy Now” option so you can purchase your item immediately instead of waiting for the auction to end. But buyers beware; these tools are often refurbished rather then new items.

Mail Order Catalogs (Northern Tool & Equipment): With more then ten-thousand products in their print and online catalogs they often have exclusive sale items. Combined with product previews, clearance items, and other great deals and Northern tool and equipment is a solid discount tool store.

Brick & Mortar (Ace Hardware): In addition to their 5,000 pulse retail stores, Ace Hardware also has a great online store. With their large volume buying power they are able to leverage great prices on many of the basic woodworking tools you regularly use.

There are, of course, many more places to find great prices on woodworking tools. Take your time and compare prices.  After a while you will notice a few of the places you check regularly have better prices then their competition.  Keep it up and you may soon find that special tool that used to be just a little to pricey is now affordable.

Great Hardwoods for Woodworking

The hardwood is the staple material of any woodworker who is focused on making find furniture or other such woodworking projects. In this article, we will look at a number of different types of hardwood for woodworking purposes. But what is important to remember is that not all hardwoods are “hard” as wood such as poplar is much softer than pine but is still classified as a hardwood.

However, the more common types of hardwood that are used include, oak, maple, birch and poplar but certainly a woodworker’s choice is not just limited to these. There are the more exotic species around as well such as teak, mahogany, rosewood and purple heart.

All hardwoods come from deciduous or broad-leaved trees and most of these trees will lose their leaves in the winter months. With hardwoods you also are offered a much wider variety of colors and textures than you would get with the softwoods.

So now let us have a look at two of the more popular types of hardwood that are used in woodworking.

This is certainly one of the most used of the hardwoods and is available in 2 varieties, red and white. Not only is it strong but it is easy to work with and the white oak is preferred for furniture making. This is because it has a more attractive figure than the red oak.

It is also resistant to moisture so is great for making furniture that will be outdoors. Plus it is less expensive than most of the other hardwoods such as cherry and the grain has a beautiful “ray flake” pattern to it. You can easily purchase red oak from your local home improvement center, but if you want white then you will need to take a visit to your local lumberyard.

This is great for making furniture with and has a reddish brown to deep red tint to it. It is straight grained with a medium texture and is able to take stain well. It looks great when coated with 1 or even 10 coats of wood oil. But there is one drawback to mahogany and that is not being grown in sustainable forests.

Unfortunately, if you want to get some mahogany forget about your local home improvement store if you want some decent stuff then you will need to go to a reputable lumberyard. There is also another drawback to this hardwood and that is the price.

So as you can see there are many varieties of hardwood for woodworking available, but it is all down to personal preference as to which ones you choose to use.

Certainly, by reading this article you will soon be more comfortable with using traditional woodworking hand tools in order to produce beautiful objects from wood. So why not take a trip to your local library or bookstore or just sit at your computer now and just see how much more you can learn about using traditional woodworking hand tools that you can find.

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